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We apply efficient methods to perform various types of precision machining enabled by modern production equipment and sophisticated automation. A smooth logistics organization enables frequent, fast and reliable deliveries to all our customers.

Quality & Environment

Our work with quality enhancement and making sure we reduce our environmental impact is among the most important aspects for us at AnVa Components. We have high standards for our own quality and we make sure that our methods don't impact the environment more than what is necessary.


Our manufacturing processes are time, cost and material-efficient, which benefits both us and our customers. If you have any questions about our services, or any other part of the business, feel free to contact us directly.


We are an innovative supplier to the automotive industry. For us to be able to compete with manufacturers on a global arena, it is crucial that we work in an efficient manner and that the quality and reliability of our work is nothing but exemplary. That is why we have developed in-house optimized processes that are linked by different flows throughout the different manufacturing steps.