Quality & Environment

High-quality products developed with an environmental mindset

Our work with quality enhancement and making sure we reduce our environmental impact is among the most important aspects for us at AnVa Components. We have high standards for our own quality and we make sure that our methods don't impact the environment more than what is necessary.
We operate in an industry where high standards are placed on all players, and environmental and quality requirements must be met. Meeting those standards is a prerequisite for our business to survive. However, we also strive to be as environmentally friendly as we can be in all of our development stages. Every part of the processes is handled efficiently to minimize the environmental impact and make sure we do not dispose of excess material.

Quality is the common thread throughout our operations, which is evident in our workflows and the products we produce. If you want to know more about our work with quality and the environment, feel free to read our policies below or contact us for more information.

Quality Policy

High-quality products is a prerequisite for us to maintain profitability and create long-term future growth. The quality of our work is measured by the satisfaction of our customers.

We strive to provide world-class services and products for our industry by:
  • Focusing on customer value and constantly having a desire to understand our customer's needs.
  • Focusing on the value flow throughout the supply chain to systematically minimize waste, not only in our own operations but also for our customers and suppliers.
  • Engaging in supportive and encouraging leadership that sets clearly defined goals and creates motivated employees who feel involved and thus take responsibility for their own development and continuous improvement in their processes.


AnVa Components AB is an engineering company that supplies steel components to a global market. The minimum requirement for our environmental work is to comply with the applicable environmental legislation in our respective markets.

We should be perceived as an environmentally responsible company in the eyes of employees, customers, and the world by:
  • Continuously improving and using preventative measures in our environmental work.
  • Continuously reviewing activities which will lead to the establishment of new environmental goals and developing and ensuring a high level of employee competence in this area.
  • To the extent possible, reuse or recycle waste and residual products generated in our operations. Special emphasis is placed on residues containing metals and oils.
  • Always considering energy and water use as well as preventing emissions to land, air, and water
  • Showing transparency in our environmental work towards employees, customers, authorities and society.